Women's March Las Vegas

Thousands of feminists from all walks of life marched on January 21st in Las Vegas showing solidarity with the communities that stand to lose fundamental rights due to the new presidential administration. I hope that everyone reading regardless of whether or not they were in attendance understand that this march is just the beginning of the fight we will endure in the 4 years to come. Here are a few helpful links to continue standing up for your rights and the rights of your loved ones:

Call Senator Heller’s office 202-224-6244 to let him know Nevada women count on Planned Parenthood health centers. Tell him to vote NO on defunding Planned Parenthood. And tell him to vote NO on repealing the Affordable Care Act. Want to stay in the fight? Text FIGHT to 22422 to join the PP ACTION Mobile Network and get important alerts and ways to fight back against attacks on reproductive health and rights.


Get daily updates on your lawmakers and key developments on the issues you care about using this app https://www.countable.us/ 

If you find you can spare free time, volunteer for causes that benefit your community the most. Stay strong, stay united, stay engaged, stay active, stay informed, and most of all stay nasty. 

A Solidarity March

A peaceful protest marched through downtown Las Vegas last night in the wake of the decision not to indict a police officer responsible for the chokehold death of Eric Garner. The crowd was made up by three groups united by similar causes, among them the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico and overall support to end police brutality in all cities of the US. LVMPD and the protestors cooperated with one another during the march as they closed off streets while staging "die-ins" at busy intersections. The notion of community was made evident among the three crowds that found it best to unite their voices taking turns chanting messages like "Hands up, don't shoot" "Vivos se los llevaron, vivos los queremos" and "I can't breathe." Although this demonstration wasn't to the caliber of protests in New York or Los Angeles, the efforts of these Las Vegas residents were enough to strike a chord with many tourists visiting the sights of sin city. 

Jazz at The Crêpe

Synesthesia played yet another fantastic set at The Crêpe in Tivoli Village last Saturday night. The striking vocals of Gary Fowler coupled with amazing bassist(Summer Kodama), drummer(Jeremy Klewicki) and guitarist(Sean Carbone) are the perfect sounds to enjoy on a Saturday evening. The Crêpe has been kind enough to present an offer of 10% off your check when you mention my blog so take advantage of it and indulge in any of the delicious choices on their menu! I'll be posting some photos of a couple decadent crêpes but for more information on their menu as well as events visit their website at http://thecrepelasvegas.com/

Gus and the importance of rescuing puppies

It could easily be said that my infatuation with puppies(all dogs are puppies, don't attempt to refute that) is borderline obsessive. Since childhood, dogs have played a great part in my life. The one thing regarding dogs that I've yet to comprehend is the demand to purchase dogs that are bred solely for aesthetic purposes when millions of pups can be rescued from local animal foundations. I met a wonderful woman who camped in the lot across from mine at Yosemite who had just rescued this sweet angel named Gus. She told me of her history of adopting rescued dogs and how she also couldn't comprehend people that chose to buy a dog instead of rescuing. Although I only spent a couple moments with Gus the pup, he found a place in my heart with his energetic demeanor and loving hugs. I was so glad to know that such a sweet pup had found a family that would give him the love he deserved. Dogs have always proven to be capable of being the best of friends and most loyal of companions in my experience and aesthetics has never played a part in that. I hope that trends of purchasing pets become obsolete and that people open their hearts to rescuing dogs who will repay that kindness by being the most perfect partners in crime. 

Anna and Dustin at the Ahwahnee Hotel

I've photographed a fair amount of weddings but never had I experienced one as beautiful as this one. From the day I shot their engagement photos at Red Rock I knew I would be in for quite the adventure. Anna and Dustin along with all their family and friends were quick to make me feel at home as we camped for five days at Yosemite National Park. Although the temperature was a shock from the usual 100 degree weather of Las Vegas, I enjoyed every moment. The ceremony was something out of a fairy tale and I can only hope that the images I got from the beautiful union suffice to show how perfect it all was. I could write multiple paragraphs explaining all of the symbolism of every element of this wedding but I'll just stop typing and let you enjoy the photos. Congratulations again to this amazing and beautiful couple, I know the journeys you'll embark on will be nothing short of astounding. 

Brittany Rose

Las Vegas and soon to be Los Angeles based singer Brittany McKay accompanied by her band managed to leave me speechless after an amazing set last Friday. Combining classic soul with contemporary hip hop and rap influences makes this band one of the most unique acts in the city. Nothing short of the best can be expected from these amazing artists so treat yourself to their next set. Follow the band on Facebook for upcoming performances and new releases. 

Kady and Leah

It took me a while to post some photos from the shoot with this lovely and beautiful couple but it was because I had such a tough time choosing my favorite shots. We headed downtown bright and early and were met by some strange sights that made for some perfect expressions to be captured; downtown never disappoints. Sneaking onto our old high school campus was totally worth it for the last pictures. Thanks to Kady and Leah for being so fun and the cutest ever (you guys could tone it down on the cuteness, it almost makes me wanna barf). Can't wait to shoot with you beauties again! 

G&J Salon

Las Vegas based hair stylist and salon owner Gerald Augusto lent his talent for a shoot with the awesome anchors of Mundo Fox. Here are some behind the scene photos. And for all of your hair and make up needs don't hesitate to schedule an appointment at G&J Salon located inside Boulevard Mall 3528 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89169

 702-735-7359 www.gandjsalon.com

Carbonation at The Crêpe

Saturday night I got the opportunity to enjoy delicious food in great company with a group of amazing performers under the name Carbonation at The Crêpe inside Tivoli Village( 440 S. Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145). If you're looking for somewhere to be on a Saturday night, you wont be disappointed by this place. I made the mistake of packing my small telephoto lens instead of the trusty 50mm so excuse these low quality pictures of high quality times. 

Samantha Kinsey

The babeliest babe of my life got the most chic haircut and we celebrated by having a dreamy photo shoot in my backyard studio. Enjoy!

Wolf Bandit

My great friend Randall Stupka has been creating wonderful music for a couple years now under the name "Wolf Bandit" which if you ask him actually has a cool meaning behind it. I had the honor of making the cover art for his most recent EP. I definitely encourage you to take some time to listen to his work especially since he has made it all available to download for free on the link below. I look forward to everything this guy will be making for our ears in the near future. 

Mexico lindo y querido

These photos were taken over the span of five years on four separate visits to my homeland. The cities pictured include(in no particular order) Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Fresnillo, Plateros, and Guadalajara. My goal is to return for an extended period to Zacatecas in hopes of capturing stories that might shed some light to the plight of the people of  Mexico. 


Hello, I'm not very good at introductions but I guess I have to start somewhere. First off, thanks taking time to check my blog out. It's not much of anything great but it's honest and to me that's all that really matters. I'm Lili and I was born and raised in a town called Fresnillo in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. I would like to say that most of my inspiration stems from there but I didn't find my creative outlet until I came to Las Vegas, Nevada. For the better part of the time I've lived here I have approached this city with a pitiful attitude. It seemed like everyday I found something new to hate, whether it was the weather, the tourists, the buildings, the people who call this place home, practically everything. But lately I've seen opportunity in every piece that makes up the puzzle of this town. I guess this post and the photos accompanying it are a part of an ongoing homage to Las Vegas, Nevada and the people who not only live here but who call it home much like I currently do. All of these photos were shot with my iPhone 4s and what they lack in quality they make up for in filters so enjoy. (click image to see more)